Sea Pavilion Residences Project Details

A Future Steeped In Heritage
In days of old, there was an outpost-a sea pavilion suspended over the wild waves that crested our coastline.

This iconic structure, which once overlooked Singapore’s coastline, has been lovingly conserved and adapted for contemporary living.

Inspired by its classic architecture and rich heritage, we have built a new paradise for you to call home.

All for you to build your future.

A New Legacy Begins
Nestled in the historic Upper East Coast Road, Sea Pavilion Residences is a haven of serenity, rooted in a rich colonial past.

This freehold development reflects its vibrant history in its preserved architectural facets and modern reinterpretations of its oceanfront past.

Steeped in heritage, and designed for modern luxury, it is a hidden gem for you to build a treasured future.

A Vision Of Possibilities
Located next to East Coast Park, the idyllic Bayshore Precinct is set to become a flexible, adaptable, future-ready community. Based on sustainable planning strategies and oriented as a people-centric development, the use of Autonomous Vehicles in the future will free up more space for parks and community facilities, connecting Bayshore to the inland neighbourhoods and making it a car-lite gateway to East Coast Park. Look forward to enjoying the lush greenery that marks the former coastline and a vibrant neighbourhood lined with cosy cafes, shops, childcare services and other amenities.

Perfect For Work And Play
Connect to the best of the city with a myriad of dining choices, shopping options and recreational offerings, all just a short drive away.

Your Own Private Haven

Welcome Home To Bliss
Come home to your hideaway of peace and harmony, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

“A vision of the future with a touch of the past-realise the best of contemporary living.”

Moments Of Respite

Tranquilities & Luxuries
Take a break from your worries and responsibilities, and treat yourself to the pampering you deserve.

Pool & Jacuzzi Seats
Rejuvenate with a dip into cool waters, and enjoy a reinvigorating massage from the hydrojets.

Achieve your fitness goals in a truly one-of-a-kind gym, surrounded by nature and history.

Lounge @ Sea Pavilion
Gather your friends and family for an intimate celebration, and add a dash of culture and tradition to your special event.

Sky Lounge & Sky Garden
Take in the view of the horizon, as gentle exhalations of nature fill this quiet sanctuary. Lie back, relax, and take a moment all to yourself.

Where You Belong
Sea Pavilion Residences is a haven of beautiful homes that combine heritage, luxury and modern comfort. Thoughtfully designed units span from one to three bedrooms, with an arrangement of well-crafted details composed to soothe the senses. Relax with a view of the lush green surroundings and quaint neighbourhood, or unwind at the roof terrace amidst unobstructed views of the gorgeous sky. It’s the perfect enclave of tranquility.

Dreams Do Come True
Spacious yet intimate, your very own sanctuary is yours to create in the well-appointed spaces that are perfect for every taste. Industrial chic or mid-century modern, traditional or transitional-let your dream home become your reality.

Complete your home with an array of quality furnishings, curated for your convenience.

Sea Pavilion Sales Enquiry

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